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Creating amazing external spaces for your home.

We love working with home owners and their architects to develop proposals for your external spaces and gardens.

A full service from Concept to Completion.


We offer a full design service from start to finish, working with Clients and their team to initially establish a style of garden they like. This usually takes the form of a ‘precedent study’ – a variety of images which we suggest and you tell us which you like, love and loathe. After this we work collaboratively to establish a spatial hierarchy to your external space, with a keen eye on understanding how the space will function, and how you envisage using your garden. As the process evolves, we begin to refine our proposals with more and more detail. We communicate our proposals in a variety of medium; hand drawn sketches and plans through to 3D models and animations. We can even show you how your garden will look in the different seasons – an important factor in any garden design.

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