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Hardman Square, Manchester

About This Project


In the heart of Manchester’s commercial district, Hardman Square is the central axis point. A tired and under-used space, were approached to reinvigorate and introduce a new ‘green’ dimension to the financial quarter of Manchester – and something with year round interest.


Our inherited branding was ‘The Field’ – an historical nod to a bygone story. We explored what defined a Field – normally an open space bounded by hedgerows and sometimes woodland. In Spinningfields, the existing buildings and new pavilion building designed by Sheppard Robson became the edges – with supplementary tree planting creating an urban woodland backdrop and lower understory planting of grasses and ferns becoming the woodland edge.


Artwork benches derived from the forms of tree root growth, etched into granite benches provide people with small enclaves of respite in the otherwise bustling city centre.